The Twin Lakes Fellowship is a ministerial fraternal devoted to the encouragement of Gospel ministry and ministers, and to the promotion of healthy biblical church planting. The Twin Lakes Fellowship is a ministry of the Session of the historic First Presbyterian Church, Jackson, MS (in conjunction with several other PCA sessions and ministers in Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, and South Carolina). Their generosity allows us to offer the Fellowship at no cost to the attendees. Our aim is to serve the servants of the Lord, and if you can get to Jackson, we can take care of the rest.

This fellowship is designed to pursue a twofold purpose:

  1. to encourage ministers and churches to promote the work of church planting through their local congregations and
  2. to encourage ministers in their personal growth in grace, so as to maximize their effectiveness in promoting the work of the Gospel.

The TLF meets once a year over three days at the First Presbyterian Church’s Twin Lakes Conference Center in Florence, Mississippi. The annual fraternal is given to spiritual refreshment, mutual encouragement, worship, workshops, and presentations relating to church health and growth and the work of church planting.

The annual gathering has become something of a regular time of rest and refreshment for many who are tired from the hard work of pastoral ministry; a source of Gospel encouragement and edification among ministers of a like mind; a resource for churches interested in historic, happy, and confessional presbyterianism; a network to connect church planters with church budgets, and a blast of sanity to carry back into contexts where earlier today its outdated, style and personality count for more than substance and integrity, and if something works, it must be the way God wants it done.