The audios for this year’s gathering are slowly being released. You can find them under each Worship or Seminar “post” from this year. As of April 9th, there is:

See Post above for update.

  • Worship 1 – Dr. Kelly’s offering on Psalm 62
  • Worship 3 – Pastor Robbins’ offering on Luke 8
  • Seminar 4 – Dr. Johnson’s offering on the Lord’s Supper
  • Seminar 3 – Mr. Downes’ offering on heresy
  • Introduction to Twin Lakes Fellowship by Dr. L. Duncan with tribute to Missye Rhee Breazeale – Audio – Introduction

2 Responses to Audios for TLF 2010

  1. Reed Here says:

    Joshua: anything you can do with the volume on this? Seriously deficient.


    reed depace

  2. joshuaesc says:

    Will be working on it. Many of these were recorded very low (for some reason). Which one are you referring to?

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