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Interview with Dr. R. Albert Mohler – Led by Rev. Dr. Ligon Duncan

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The audios from the 2013 Fellowship Worship Services are accessible below or can be accessed in your podcast feed now (see musical note on the right to access podcast link).

Worship Service 1 – John 14:1-14 “Fairest Lord Jesus” – Rev. Dr. Douglas F. Kelly Worship Service 2 – Continue Reading

Below you will find the 3 Seminars offered during the 2013 Twin Lakes Fellowship (not a conference – those in attendance will understand).

Seminar 1 – What Twin Lakes Fellowship Does and CommendsRev. Dr. Ligon Duncan Seminar 2 – Baptism – […]

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Devotional 1 (2013)

On April 2, 2013 By

Dr. Ligon Duncan delivers devotional readings prior to each Seminar and Worship service. This year they will be readings of John Calvin, David Dickson, and William Plummer on the Psalms.

The first devotional is offered here and others offered will be posted in time. You can also subscribe to a feed by clicking on the […]

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2013 Schedule

On March 26, 2013 By
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Dear Brothers,

Dr. Terry Johnson, the Senior Minister of the historic Independent Presbyterian Church in Savannah, Georgia, has for many years produced an annual calendar of Psalms and hymns for the use of his congregation on the Lord’s Day. You will find a decade’s worth of them here. By creating the calendar, Terry […]

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