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Devotional 1 (2013)

On April 2, 2013 By

Dr. Ligon Duncan delivers devotional readings prior to each Seminar and Worship service. This year they will be readings of John Calvin, David Dickson, and William Plummer on the Psalms.

The first devotional is offered here and others offered will be posted in time. You can also subscribe to a feed by clicking on the […]

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Seminar 1 – Dr. Ligon Duncan on Sanctification

Seminar 2 – Dr. Terry Johnson on The Content of Our Preaching

Worship Service 1 – Dr. Douglas Kelly on Ezekiel 1

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Audio: Inerrancy – J. Ligon Duncan

We also learned in this talk that the International Council on Biblical Inerrancy will reconstitute itself this year in light of the church and our cultures and the nations not recognizing the need for understanding the inerrancy of the Scriptures.

All these audios […]

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audio: What is Twin Lakes Fellowship All About

All these audios will be posted at the “iTunes” link on the right side-bar by the week of April 10th so you are able to podcast these offerings.

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A ministerial fraternal for the promotion of church health and growth by the ordinary means of grace

These are briefs from the lesson.

I. A Ministerial Fraternal

Very few places afforded to ministers that focus on ministering to those who minister

II. The Promotion of Church Health

Gentlemen, though the odds look overwhelming […]

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Dr. Duncan mentioned these audios by Dr. Ferguson. You decide which are appropriate. These are on the Marrow Controversy:

Erskines and Marrow Controversy The Marrow Controversy Pastoral Lessons and the Marrow Controversy

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