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Men in Minstry #1

On April 5, 2011 By

These men were mentioned during this afternoon’s time of “Introductions of church planters and newly attending TLF”

Hector Morrison – Highlands Theological College

Prayer request: renewal of the church in Scotland


Chris Thomas – Amirela, Texas

Redeemer Amarillo


Josh Reiger – Newcastle, England

Prayer […]

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After six years of attending the Twin Lakes Fellowship, this may well have been the best year yet for preaching and refreshment to my soul. I go home longing to be a better pastor, better preacher, better Session Moderator, better presbyter, better head-of-staff, better husband, better father, better friend, better pray-er, better student of the […]

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Double Charges?

On May 12, 2009 By

Most of y’all have seen this email communication, but if not, and you find yourself wondering about the extra charges on your credit card and your thinking, “Hey, I see how TLF pays for things now. They double charge on book purchases.” Fear not, they stand ready to assist you. They just need to know.


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If I thought Tuesday’s half day of meetings was full (1:00 – 9:00), Wednesday’s meetings (9:00 – 9:00) filled plenty of 55 gallon drums of refreshment. The 12 hour day consisted of seminars, testimonies from church planters, free time (which I spent interviewing Dr. Douglas Kelly and Dr. David Robertson with Nick Batzig. These should […]

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My Experience Thus Far

On April 15, 2009 By

My Experience Thus Far

Tuesday was only a half of day. WOW! This is my first experience of the Twin Lakes Fellowship and after yesterday and especially last night, you could go home and be considered “full”. But having spoken with some men who regularly attend, many are in solo-pastorate positions and they do not […]

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