Dr. L. Roy Taylor

Stated Clerk

The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of America

Dr. Taylor is a native of Birmingham, Alabama. He has served as a Presbyterian Churches in America (PCA) pastor for sixteen years, as a professor at Reformed Theological Seminary for ten years, and as stated clerk of the General Assembly of the PCA since 1998. He has written various article and is the author of several books, including Four Views on Church Government (Countperpoints series, Zondervan). He and his wife, Donna, have two children and five SIX grandchildren.


3 Responses to Dr. L. Roy Taylor – PCA Strategic Planning

  1. apologeticus says:

    Will be SEVEN grandkids when Becky has our next in September (Lord willing).

  2. barnesaj says:

    Do you or will you have the audio for this?

  3. joshuaesc says:

    Funny that you want this one. Will see what I can do about posting it.

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