Martin Downes blogs at Against Heresies. A note found on his blog reads,

Heresy is dishonouring to God and cruel to people. The theology, morality, and pastoral effects of heresy have been a long term research interest of mine. This blog is not as negative as you might think. You will find plenty of posts devoted to sound teaching and sound Christian living.

Martin Downes. Minister, Christ Church Deeside (North Wales), writer, editor of the Foundations Theological Journal, and Welsh rugby fanatic.

His recent book was recommended and if you just read the two chapters, it is well worth it (but read the entire book), Risking the Truth. The foreward by Dr. Ferguson can be read here.

Why does it come back?

  1. Satan. He doesn’t let it die. Satan is the worker behind the scenes of heresy. All heresies return b/c of the satanic influence.
  2. Evangelical Historical Amnesia. We don’t know our church history. We make ourselves as “suckers” to the newest “heretical fade”. How do you equip people of the church of historical heresy and our responsibility?
  3. Our Doctrinal Neglect. There is a reason why we want to believe heresy because we are prone to error, we like heresy, it is easier to believe.
  4. People are running away from the Truth.

Audio for Heresey Never Dies – Mr. M. Downes (right-click ’save as’)


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