My Experience Thus Far

Tuesday was only a half of day. WOW! This is my first experience of the Twin Lakes Fellowship and after yesterday and especially last night, you could go home and be considered “full”. But having spoken with some men who regularly attend, many are in solo-pastorate positions and they do not want to leave just full, but they want to leave overflowing. They want to leave with 55 gallon drums full of fellowship and encouragement and being preached to and served. Last night in the dining hall (which by the way is outstanding. The meals are just perfect. The staff is outstanding), a Twin Lakes Staffer came into the dining hall which was full of 200+ men and he interrupted the conversations with his strong voice and admonished the men for keeping “blessings” from the Twin Lakes staff. He advised that if he saw one more man attempt to take his dinner tray to the kitchen window that he would “take them out back”. That is how, thus far, this time has been here. Being waited on hand and foot. Not like a 5 star resort, with its often uncomfortableness, but like a home you’ve lived in growing up and you visit (let’s say your parents) and your momma just wants to serve you and overwhelm you with love. It’s great and perfect. Many of these men do not get to be served as they are always serving in their congregations as ministers, elders, deacons.

Today we’ll look to have 4 Devotional Readings; 2 Seminars (Robertson on Emergent Calvinism and Johnson on Reformed Worship); 1 Q & A Roundtable with Jonathan Leeman of 9 Marks ministry; 1 session of Church Planting Reports and end the evening in a Worship Service with Dr. Derek Thomas. They have also scheduled 2.5 hours of free time for the men to enjoy Twin Lakes facilities and activities or relax, talk. I’ve found that many of these men have to preach this coming Lord’s Day and are taking times throughout the day to study; some have others, who are not attending the conference, preaching in their stead.

The two nights we have been here have been late but have been enjoyable.

Stay tuned with us.


3 Responses to My Experience Thus Far

  1. Kevin says:

    Welcome! I didn’t know it was your first year. TLF has been a great encouragement to me. I have no idea how I will be ready for Sunday, but the time here is worth the stress then. 🙂

  2. Chelsey says:

    Please bring Pastor Legare back safe and sound. We need him for Friday!

    P.S. I’m really liking this format of updating about the conference… fun to read!

  3. Seth says:

    Thank you for your updates! My pastor is back there, now (Kent Moorlach from Communion Presbyterian Church in Irvine, CA), so I’m glad to hear that this is such a great Conference/Retreat/Fellowship!

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