May I take this opportunity to introduce y’all to Nathaniel Adawonu. He is with New Harvest Missions International

About us

Who We Are

New Harvest Missions International is an organization with a vision for church planting in West Africa.

We are an indigenous mission. 100% of our staff and workers are West African nationals. We aim to be a catalyst in establishing a generation of true disciples and worshipers in the northern regions of West Africa. Most of the population is Muslim, while the majority of the remaining population has merely a belief in the traditions of Christianity without a true saving relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Mission

• To empower and strengthen West Africa church planting efforts through relationships with African national leaders in evangelism, church planting and leadership training.

• To network for mutual support & vision casting to develop strategies appropriate for West African church planting efforts in an Islamic context.

• To seek collectively as nationals the resources required to accomplish our common goals.

• To equip denominations and churches to fulfill the great commission by providing them with church planting skills, leadership training, theological education, and emphasis on building mature Christian character.

• To enable churches and denominations to be solidly grounded in pursuing the task of evangelism and church-planting, the ultimate result of which will be vibrant, vital, healthy churches reaching out to other non-evangelized communities in West Africa.

Our Vision

• To establish indigenous healthy growing reformed churches and denominations that will make a significant gospel impact within the cultures, people groups, communities and multiple generations in West Africa.

• To establish a strategic partnership with other existing ministries to facilitates more and better church planting movement in various regions of West Africa

• To grow our churches through effective evangelism and gospel-centered discipleship that produces both conversion and subsequent transformation of the whole person, whole families, whole cultures.

Our Values

God-centered. We seek as our ultimate mission to exalt the supremacy of God in all things among all West African nations for the joy of all peoples and the honor and glory of His name.

Kingdom-minded. God’s ultimate purpose is the restoration of His entire cosmos and the creation of a new heavens and new earth. Our ultimate goal is not merely to plant churches and raise up worshipers among all nations, but also to bring about the spiritual and cultural transformation of all nations, thereby making God’s invisible kingdom visible in every sphere of life.

Church-focused. We believe God has ordained that His kingdom come on earth through His visible Church. Our ministry focus is therefore the establishment and strengthening of indigenous, healthy, growing and reproducing churches. Ultimately West Africa will become a sending and church-planting force in other nations in other parts of the world.

Distinctiveness of NHMI

West African National Leadership. All our staff, workers and leaders are West African nationals with a burning passion to take the gospel to their own communities and peoples. NHMI believes that missionary work should not be done only by Western believers and churches. We seek to see West Africa church leaders take responsibility for their own gospel challenges as they pray and work to establish viable and sustainable churches in their various communities.

Islamic Outreach. We seek to equip the church with evangelistic and mission approaches that reach out to Muslims and Muslim-related people. Help West Africa church planters and pastors how to evangelize Muslims and Muslim-related people.

Pastoral and Cross-cultural Leadership Training

Pastoral and cross-cultural leadership training is the critical component in the Church’s growth, maturity and expansion in West Africa. With fully equipped leaders, there are no limits to the potential growth and influence of the church in every nation of the world. Without adequately-trained biblical leaders a local church will not reach its God-given potential, nor will it have its intended influence upon the culture or society of which it is a part. To this end, pastoral training and cross-cultural education are imperatives in the NHMI missions efforts in West Africa. The ultimate goal of the training process becomes empowering national churches to assume the direction of evangelism, church planting, and leader training.

Our Training Strategy. We believe that traditional model of Bible school or seminary training for several years is a good one – but not always very practical. We believe that training must be provided on-the-job and that teaching must take place close to home. It is central to NHMI church planting efforts that training should ultimately be provided by local leaders in their own cultural context.

In partnership with the West Africa Theological Institute (WATI) NHMI provides pastoral and cross-cultural training at the church-based level, enabling pastoral students to live at home and serve their people while completing their education.

West Africa Theological Institute (WATI): Basic Principles

• Reformed and Evangelical but committed to teaching Reformed theology.

• Grace-oriented and gospel-centered to transform individuals and cultures.
• Pastoral training with priority to develop national church leaders and encourage church planting movements (CPMs).

• Students receive intensive week-long courses and access to seminary-level training without leaving home or ministry work.

• Offered degrees include Pastoral Diplomas & Bachelors and Masters Degrees.

• Training Trainers. In addition to training national church leaders, WATI also wants to train nationals who will be able to take this pastoral training to their own countries and establish new Reformed pastoral training programs.

NHMI Outreach and Community Transformation

Our ministry mission is to start, grow, and multiply gospel-centered churches in West Africa. By “gospel-centered church” we mean a church that is centered in ministry on evangelism, spiritual formation, and societal transformation. The transforming power of the gospel, in both word and deed, will facilitate social and cultural renewal.

The focus for our ministry and churches is:

• Good News for the Lost: evangelism
• Good News for the Found (New Heart): spiritual formation
• Good News for the community (New World): societal transformation

True evangelism always has in view a commitment to spiritual formation or else it is prone to easy-believe-ism.
True spiritual formation always has in view a commitment to societal transformation or else it becomes the pursuit of mere self-interest, or worse.

Outreach through Community Transformation

Everyday life is hard in West Africa, especially when rain does not fall for people in rural areas to grow their crops and harvest food for their families. Through community-transformation ministries NHMI seek to empower people to become more productive and ultimately able to undertake health care, educational, social and economic development projects in West Africa.

Our Understanding of Strategic Partnership

For NHMI, strategic partnership is a collaborative effort among churches, ministries, organizations and individuals sharing a vision to expand the kingdom of God in West Africa. Partners will align their complementary gifts and abilities in a spirit of cooperation with each other and their field partners. They will act in unity in seeking to realize their vision of showing forth God’s heart in grace and mercy to every people. They will affirm shared fundamental beliefs, define clear roles, and establish goals, action steps, and appropriate means of evaluating results.

NHMI Recent Projects

• Church Building Project. Volunteers are needed to help build worship places for our new church plant. NHMI will provide land but needs help with the building cost. Building a chapel in rural village in Togo will cost: $ 5,000.

• Literacy Program in rural Togo and Ghana. Illiteracy is very high in rural Togo and Ghana. Both children and adults do not go to school partly because of the high cost of school supplies, but also because parents prefer to keep their children at home to help out in the field and with other daily chores. One-year program for literacy: $ 2,500. Details for this project is available upon request

• Mobile Medical Mission Clinic in Rural Togo. Preventable and treatable diseases present an
enormous health burden for communities in Togo and West Africa in general. Health care is
neither readily accessible nor affordable for many Togolese living in rural villages. The primary
mission of the mobile medical clinics is provision of basic primary health care to thousands of
people in areas of West Africa. Detail about the medical clinic is available upon request. Total
project cost: $ 50,000.

• Shipping Container Project to Togo West Africa. New Harvest Missions International is preparing to load a 20-ft. relief container with new or used items for rural communities in the northern region of Togo. We invite you to join us and help us through donations that we can share with our brothers and sisters in Togo. We are asking churches, individuals, stores to help donate items listed below that are clean, in good condition and usable. Please help us cover the cost of this shipping project: $8,500.

For those nearby, please bring your donations to River Ridge Presbyterian Church, 9230 Ridge Road New Port Richey Florida, 34654. You may call Dodi at 727-842-5278 Mon-Wed-Fri or Nathaniel Adawonu at 727-3893049. Mail donations to River Ridge Presbyterian, attn: NHMI Shipping Project.

1. Bibles and biblical commentaries
2. Acoustic musical instruments for churches
3. High-fidelity speakers & projectors for outreach purposes.
4. Office equipments: photocopiers, printers, computers, new folders, etc.
5. Folding chairs and tables, fan, desks
6. Christian books for Bible students (no prosperity gospel books, no liberal or neo-orthodox theology books, no secular books, please.)
7. Women’s dresses
8. Shoes for all sizes (men, women, children)
9. Men’s trousers & shirts
10. Bed frames and mattresses (for students and guests)
11. Household linens
12. Kitchen utensils, including coffee-makers
13. Children’s/baby clothing and supplies
14. First aid supplies
15. Washer and dryer machine (for guests and visiting teams)
16. School supplies: pens, pencils, crayons, etc.

For more information you may contact Nathaniel Adawonu
Cell: 727.389.3049


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