It has been a great year thus far at Providence PCA in East Lansing, Michigan. We have seen the Lord answer many prayers over the past six months and are greatly encouraged. We are consistently seeing over 50 individuals in worship each week. We have grown in numbers and giving by 20% each of the past two years. The core-group of Providence consisted of 22 individuals before my moving to the field in 2007 and the membership of Providence is now 45 people in 2009. Seven individuals have joined by profession of faith. We are elated at what the Lord is doing in our midst! We are thankful to Him that He continues to bless the preaching of His Word and the prayers of His people.

The Lord has also seen fit to answer our prayers that He might ordain the beginning of a RUF ministry at Michigan State University here in East Lansing. The Great Lakes Presbytery has approved the work going forward and plans on calling Shawn Newsome to do that work in the Fall of 2010. We still need to raise the funds for this ministry as our Presbytery does not have the resources, but we are confident that the greater Church will rally to support it. There is a great need on this campus of 46,000 students in our backyard. It is estimated that only 800 or so of those 46,000 students attends an evangelical church or Christian fellowship.

Overall, we have been busy planting this church for the past two years. We see the signs of God’s moving and blessing. We would ask the brothers of Twin Lakes to continue to pray for our growth, peace and purity in the body of Providence, that His Word would be faithfully proclaimed, that the Lord would provide the funds necessary to begin the RUF work at MSU, and that He would help Providence to connect with churches and individuals willing to support the planting of Providence for 2010—2012. It is our hope and prayerful expectation that if the Lord continues to move as He has in our midst over the past two years that we will be looking at particularization by 2012. Thank you for the opportunity to put this before the brothers and I thank all of them for their prayers.

By His Grace,

Rev. Jason Helopoulos

Church Planter Providence PCA

Assistant Pastor Christ Church

Providence PCA

P.O. Box 16097

Lansing, Michigan 48901-6097



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