If I thought Tuesday’s half day of meetings was full (1:00 – 9:00), Wednesday’s meetings (9:00 – 9:00) filled plenty of 55 gallon drums of refreshment. The 12 hour day consisted of seminars, testimonies from church planters, free time (which I spent interviewing Dr. Douglas Kelly and Dr. David Robertson with Nick Batzig. These should be posted on Reformed Forum and or Feeding on Christ) and an evening worship service which was led by Rev. Joe Holland (Culpeper Mission – Church plant) and preaching received by Dr. Derek Thomas. Joe did an outstanding job leading us in worship and I am amazed because of his young age how gifted he is and how the Lord seems to be looking favorably upon this young man of God who from all that I can see, is sold out to do His work at what ever cost. Dr. Thomas’ message is greatly summed up by what Joe Holland posted on a tweet, “Derek preached a man-humbling, God-exalting sermon tonight.” Dr. Thomas took us to Romans 11:33ff. In the fall of 2005, Dr. Thomas gave a sermon on this same text. You can listen to it here. When I am able to post the audio from his sermon at TLF, I will do so.

I trust to have all the audios up for this conference within a few days. There was some difficulty with the Conference Center’s equipment. I was able to capture, for the most part, all recordings.

This has truly been a wonderful, refreshing experience and I can see why many look forward to this opportunity each year. Speaking with one of the TLF’s founders, he said, “the men only have opportunities like this Fellowship ever so seldom. They have opportunities to be with other pastors on many occasions throughout the year, but 99% of the time they are dealing with Presbytary issues or at conferences with their church members. Here is an opportunity for them to come, some bring their elders or deacons, and to enjoy a time to be served, be taught, be encouraged.”

Today (Thursday) we will hear from Dr. Duncan in our 3rd and final Worship Service here at 8:45 a.m.

Deo Volente we shall see one another next year.


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