We’re looking at formatting this year’s fellowship live blog and are looking for input from those attending as well as those not able to attend but desire to follow along.

  1. Who would you like to see interviewed at this year’s fellowship and
  2. What would you like to be heard from the individual you’ve requested?

Also, any other thoughts on what you’d like to see offered via this blog (audio interviews, reflections from an attender, give-aways, photos, etc.). Please comment your thoughts below.


One Response to TLF 2009 Live-Blog

  1. Andrew Barnes says:

    I’d like to see interviews with various NOT well known pastors (like me, but you don’t need to interview me… 🙂 ).

    To get their take, reflections, what they like about the TLF, etc.

    Lots of photos, like a widget on the side with hundreds of photos of everyone. 🙂

    Makes it seem more fellowship-y.

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