Dear Friend in Christ,

I am sending you this note to tell you about a ministry opportunity that God has blessed me with, and ask you to uphold us in prayer as we embark on our journey. I am leading a team approximately 20 people) from Twin Lakes – First Presbyterian Church in Jackson in coordination with Peru Mission to Peru this January 1 – 9. We have been asked to continue running a Christian summer camp for church and un‐churched and orphans in Trujillo, Peru.

The Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Peru (EPP), the denomination that Peru Mission works with, sent a letter in 2006 asking the Twin Lakes board of directors to send a short‐term team to help them accomplish the work of running a Christian summer camp in Peru; for the last two summers (January in Peru), we have run camp for the church in Trujillo and it has been a great blessing to everyone involved. This is the third year that we will be going to Trujillo and we are almost excited as the children and even taxi drivers in Trujillo!

The vision statement of Peru Mission is to be a strategic facilitator of urban Church planting and Christian community development in Peru. Its mission is to partner with the church in Peru in the advancement of the gospel by planting missional churches, equipping national leaders and developing transformational institutions.

As a result of past camps, the EPP sent us the following ways Christian summer camp strengthens the church in Peru:

  • Christian Camping reaches children and families with the Gospel. In a week full of fun and worship, many children for the first time hear the gospel proclaimed and see the gospel portrayed through the godly character of the counselors.
  • Christian Camping encourages covenant children. Many of the kids who attend are already believing, faithful Christians. Camp is their reward for good Sunday School attendance. They are already looking forward to the next camp, where they will aspire to be a camp leaders one day.
  • Christian Camping trains a new generation of leaders. Along with evangelism, developing new leaders is a top priority of Peru Mission. Camping provides a dynamic context for cultivating intentional sacrificial service. It is our prayer that Peruvian counselors will one day be godly parents, faithful church leaders, and influential community citizens.

I am asking you to partner with us in our effort to minister along with our fellow believers in Peru.

Here are some things you could help us out by praying for:

  1. that God would build unity in our team as we work together in preparing for the trip;
  2. that we would be a blessing to the missionary families we will be working with;
  3. for wisdom as we establish a children’s camp in Peru;
  4. safety for everyone that travels to Peru as well as the family that will remain in the States;
  5. that all financial support would be raised;
  6. that God would be glorified in what we are doing;
  7. and that God would use this to draw many people to himself.

If anyone would like to help out financially, give me a call or drop me an email. Thank you for your prayers and concern.

Tuan La
601‐845‐8762 (home) 601‐845‐6858 (office)
601‐665‐3105 (our cell) 601‐624‐6465 (Twin Lakes cell)


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